Dial Up Internet Providers

Dial up Internet providers are service providers that allow users to access the Internet for a fee. They are also known as Service Providers, External Service Providers, MSO (Multiple Service Operators), Offshore Providers, and Information Technology Services Providers. Most popularly they are referred to as ISPs or Internet Service Providers.

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) charges its users either monthly or yearly, depending up on the agreement. Quite a few telephone companies also provide dial up Internet service.

An ISP generally provides dial-up service, cable, DSL and other types of Internet access. Some ISPs provide only dial up services. They may be local, regional or national ISPs. Local ISPs are located in or around the city and provide access to a small area. They tend to provide speedier support and services. Regional ISPs provide services to an entire state, whereas National ISPs provide access to customers throughout most of the United States.

ISPs have their own policies regarding Internet usage. In order to sign up with an ISP, a person?s name, address and generally a credit card number are required. This is necessary to establish the authenticity of the identity of the person.

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It is important to understand the terms of service and the privacy polices laid down by the ISPs. The value of services provided by any ISP depends on the service plan offered and type of service provided. Dial Up Internet Providers offer free technical support at any time of the day. Most Dial-Up plans offer email, web hosting and related services.

Often, ISPs provide free Internet usage, but call charges still remain applicable. Dial-up is least expensive, where as broadband is comparatively more expensive. There are many websites that offer comparisons between various ISPs that help the subscriber make the right choice.


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