Outlook 2007 - Top 7 New Features


In addition to the dramatically different user interface shared with other Microsoft Office 2007 programs, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 also includes a number of improvements and new features:

  1. Use the Instant Search option in Outlook 2007 to search for keywords, dates, or other criteria to locate items in your e-mail, calendar, contacts, or tasks. An improved visual design displays each individual result of your search immediately, as soon as it is available, while the search is still running.
  2. The new To-Do Bar integrates your tasks, e-mail messages flagged for follow up, upcoming appointments, and calendar information in one convenient place. With the To-Do Bar (at the right-edge of the Outlook screen), you can easily manage your daily priorities including tasks and appointments. The To-Do Bar replaces the Task Pad from earlier versions.
  3. Organize your information in new, more visual ways with the new Color Categories in Outlook 2007. You can add the same color category to e-mail, calendar, and task items so that you can easily locate all related items at a glance.
  4. Using the new Attachment Previewer, you can view your attachments from within the Outlook Reading Pane in just one click. This improvement saves you time, gives you quick insight into the content, and allows you to view attachments in context with the e-mail message.
  5. An upgraded look for the Outlook 2007 Calendar makes it easier to see your schedule and tasks. Bigger buttons and navigation simplify switching between views. You will also notice that the new Office 2007 Ribbon interface pops up in some Outlook views such as creating a new e-mail message but it is not universally applied across all of Outlook 2007.
  6. The Tasks area is also new in Outlook 2007. It shows your current and upcoming tasks and tracks your accomplishments. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 integrates tasks on the calendar into the Daily Task List so that you see them displayed beneath your daily appointments and meetings.
  7. Electronic Business Cards make contacts easy to view and easy to share. Your own business card can even be added as a part of your e-mail signature.

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